Lucky Dog Events

EST-  2014

Upcoming Events

Private Lessons and Classes

Private Barn Hunt or Happy Ratters class - Wednesdays 10 am to 2 pm  - your choice $40 per half hour. Group drop in Barn Hunt classes Wednesday Nights   5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Must pre-register  by emailing me at  Classes held in New Salem Mass

Upcoming dates:

Drop in Barn Hunt/Happy Ratter classes

May 15, 22, and 29th   5:30pm - Must register by the night before. 

All privates for May 15, 22, and 29th during the day are full

Up coming K9 Scent Work Classes.

Come play a game your dog will love. Dogs' noses are amazing. Dogs will be taught to find the 3 odors that are used in most scent work organizations such as AKC, NACSW, USCSS, PSD, UKC. Dogs will learn to hunt, find odor in boxes, under chairs, low hides, high hides.

All classes are held at Lucky Dog Acres 56 Wendell Rd, New Salem Ma 01355 inside and outside Classes held in New Salem Mass. 

Contact me at

All classes are 6 weeks $165

Advanced Nose work-Mondays @ noon this is a class for dogs that are already on odor, and dogs that competing Novice to Master level. 2 spaces - open enrollment.

Beginner nose work - dogs that are on all 3 odors. 1pm Mondays - 2 spots available.  

Intro to nose work - this is for dogs that have never done any nosework -

Tuesday night 5pm open enrollment  2 spots open 

Monday open enrollment April 1st 11am ,  5 spots open

Agility  Classes - 6 weeks $165 held in New Salem Mass

Intro to Agility - Monday 5pm  and Thursday 2024  11am- this is for dogs that have not done any agility,   this is mostly a handling class with limited equipment. This course is for building confidence. 

Level 1, 2, and 3 - this is for dogs that have finished intro agility.  This is a class where you learn handling skills, and dogs are introduced to equipment.  We move at your dog's pace.  This is held outside in a fully fenced 100 by 100 field. Contact me at .   Mondays 6pm  , and Thursdays 1pm

Advanced Agility noon Thursdays - (2 spaces available)  open enrollment

Upcoming Trials and Seminars

June 14-16 - NACSW Cummington Fair - Cummington Mass (ELT/ELT/NW3)

June 29 CPE Scentwork New Salem Mass

June 30 Barn Hunt New Salem Mass

July 13 - 14 NACSW Northampton Mass Nw1/Nw2

July  20 USCSS - Greenfield - pending

July 27 -Scentwork CPE -

July 28 - CPE Speedway -New Salem - 

Aug 3rd - USCSS pending  - Westfield

Aug 17 - CPE scentwork  - New Salem Mass

Aug 25 - CPE Speedway - New Salem Mass

Sept 14 USCSS  Northampton Mass - planning

Oct 6 USCSS  Greenfield-planning

Oct 11, 12, 13 - Barn Hunt  New Salem